*** Covid-19 Update ***


Until further notice, plants will only be available through Plant Lust. I'll be offering delivery to the local area (25-ish miles as the crow flies from Martinez, CA) as well as shipping smaller, 6" plants at the beginning of every week. The Plant Lust inventory now includes all plant sizes, not just the little ones. It's updated at the beginning of every month and includes sizes up to 15 gallons. Curbside pickup can also be arranged.


The good folks at Plant Lust will handle the paperwork when you place an order. Plants are shipped at the start of the week so that you can play with them on the weekend.


Shipments to Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, or Texas require and additional Certificate of Quarantine Compliance. This additional step rarely holds up shipping for more than a day or two but delays may occur from time to time.


Shipping is Priority through USPS.


All plants are shipped in their containers and securely wrapped in a 100% recycled and reusable cellulose wadding. Waltzing Matilija is a peanut and bubble wrap free operation. 


Can I you help me design my garden?

Design and installation services are offered through Gondwana Flora. I focus on the East Bay as this is the region I have gardened in and know what works. If you live further afield, feel free to contact me with specific questions and I'll do my best to help. Relevant plant and cultural questions only, please.

Can I visit your nursery?

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