Banksia splendida (Syn. Dryandra speciosa)

Banksia splendida (Syn. Dryandra speciosa)

The Shaggy Dryandra is a low, open shrub that might seem rather dull until you look under the branches. Here you'll find hanging clusters of fuzzy shuttle-cock like flowers. For this reason, it is best to plant this fascinating little Banksia in a container or above a retaining wall to best appreciate the show. It adapts well to gardens with good drainage and airflow.


Flower Color: Yellow/Brown to Grey/Maroon.

Bloomtime: Winter/Spring

Height: 1-2 feet

Width: 2-3 feet

Exposure: Sun

Soil Type: Good Drainage

Cold Tolerance: Moderately Frost Tolerant

Irrigation requirements: Low to Medium