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How will my plants ship?

Whenever possible I ship the plants with UPS. However, some locations will receive the plants 2-3 days quicker by sending with USPS. In those cases, the quickest trip for the plants is utilized. Both carriers will have a tracking option which will be supplied. USPS tracking is less responsive than UPS but still works for a rough location.


Some plants may need to be tipped pruned to prevent damage.


An automated email will be sent to the email address used during the ordering process. Here you'll find your UPS tracking information. Once plants leave our care we only have as much information as you. Please refer to the tracking number for updates and arrival times.

When will my plants ship?

Orders received by midnight on Sunday will ship the following week on either Monday or Tuesday. Orders received after that date will ship the following Monday or Tuesday. Why? Plants hate spending the weekends in the post office, so best to get them off early in the week to avoid any delays.

When can I pick my plants up?

Sure. Pick-ups are Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. As soon as your plants are pulled, labeled, and debriefed by HR (kidding... sort of), you'll receive an email letting you know to come and get them. The day and times listed above may change due to unforeseen circumstances but we'll be sure to be here when we say we will.

Can't make it at these times? We get it. Just reach out to or DM us at Instagram @waltzingmatilija and we'll do our best to accommodate your schedule.

Seed Grown v Cutting Grown?

Simply put, this is how the plant was propagated.


Seed Grown - The most common way we make new plants around here. Grown on their own roots and IMO much tougher. These will take several years to bloom and there maybe some variation in flower form and color - but that's a good thing, cookie cutter is boring.


Cutting Grown - This technique is used for plants that should or are required to be exactly the same. Young plants will often bloom in the first season. All named cultivars are propagated this way.

Cold tolerance numbers? Accurate?


The nursery is Zone 9 or Sunset Zone 14. The coldest we get in an average year is 30-32f. Our landscape company services areas that drop into the 26-28f range so we’re confident that plants rated to that will be ok. Some tip damage is normal however.

For plants rated below these temps, we have pulled data from horticultural sources, suppliers and gardeners/growers who live or work in those zones. 

As we have no first hand knowledge of growing under these colder conditions, please use your best judgment before purchasing. 

Store Policy


Terms and Conditions


Waltzing Matilija is a website to help plant lovers connect with our range of drought-tolerant and/or hard to find species. Feel free to use Waltzing Matilija as an individual to learn about and purchase plants.


We aim to provide the most accurate information possible, based on our experience both growing and gardening with the offered plants. Please be aware that plants are heavily influenced by their environment, and what works for us here in the San Francisco Bay Area may be different in another region or Micro Climates. Information is for educational purposes but we recommend that you also consult and consider your local horticultural experts if you need advice on plant performance in your garden setting.


By using our website or purchasing from our store, you agree to our terms listed below.


You may not crawl, scrape, or copy our content for use in any way.


All content, including data, descriptions, and photos, are the property of Waltzing Matilija and are protected by copyright laws. You may not use, copy, modify, reverse engineer, sell, or otherwise transfer any content or service from Waltzing Matilija without written consent.


We reserve the right to modify our Terms of Use


Privacy Statement


At Waltzing Matilija, your privacy and security are important to us. This privacy policy describes the personal information we collect, why we collect it, how we use it, and when we share it with third parties. Our policy also describes how you can make choices about how we collect and use your information. By providing your personal information to Waltzing Matilija via our website, you are consenting to the manner in which we collect, disclose and manage that information.



You can browse and search our website and much more without telling us any personal information. When you sign up for our emails and special promotions or make a purchase from us, you choose to tell us basic information that will allow us to fulfill your request: your name, mailing address, zip code, email address, phone number and, when making a purchase, your credit card information. This information is used to process your order, and if necessary, to contact you via phone or email regarding your order. You may receive occasional mailings from us, but, if you do not want to receive these mailings, please contact us with your name, email address and let us know you no longer wish to receive these emails.


The information you give us and details of your orders may be combined with past purchase history and other demographic information from our records and other sources to make our future marketing efforts more efficient and relevant to you.


If you opt-in to receive our emails and newsletters, we will send you periodic emails that include sales and special offers, exciting and new plants, gardening advice, and announcements. You may opt-out of our emails at any time by clicking on the 'Unsubscribe' link at the bottom of any email. If you opt-out of our newsletter emails, you may still receive emails directly related to pending or future orders.

If you have any questions about these policies or your experience with the website, please contact us at:


Warranty Policy

Our goal at Waltzing Matilija is to ship you the healthiest plants possible - but shipping happens and sometimes the trip to your door can be a rough one on plants. If you have any issues or concerns about the plants you receive, please reach out by email within 2 days. It’s important to us that our customers are happy with our product and we’ll do everything we can to make things right. Beyond the 2 day window, the health of the plant/s is out of our control and therefore not covered under our policy.


All plant sales are final.

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