Australian Plants

Discover Banksias, Hakeas, Grevilleas and more. Unique plants from the Land Down Under.


South African Plants

Discover Proteas, Leucospermums, Leucadendrons and others from the botanically rich Cape Region.


Plants from Other Regions

Unusual varieties from other countries located in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Waltzing Matilija Nursery began in 2018 as an expansion of Gondwana Flora, a design-build landscaping company. I was unable to find many of the plants I love to landscape (and garden) with so I started to grow my own. One thing leads to another and now here we are.


Soils and plants are pesticide-free and grown out in the open to create happy and sun hardened plants. Waltzing Matilija is a licenced nursery.

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Troy McGregor


CA Nursery License C2287.001


Waltzing Matilija is a wholesale nursery only and not open to the public. Here's where you can find the plants I grow.

Online retail sales will commence in 2021 through this website. Please check back for updates.

I do sell to genuine members of the horticultural trade on an appointment-only basis. Larger sized plants from 2g to 15g are available from time to time. Email me to discuss options.